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We know buying or selling a property can be a costly process, so we offer transparent fixed rates at competitive prices. Whether you’re thinking of buying or selling your first home, investment, or moving to another property, you are dealing with one of your biggest investments in life. Let us guide you through that journey. At MAP Lawyers conveyancing firm, we offer start to end services to ensure the process of buying or selling your property is seamless and transparent. Our property conveyancing experts will sort through all the legal jargon and provide advice in terms you can understand.

At MAP Lawyers conveyancing firm, we specialise in residential property conveyancing in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. If you’re looking for an affordable conveyancing lawyer who knows the ins and outs of Queensland property law, contact MAP Lawyers on 1300 680 584 or email us at for a fixed price quote.


Why Choose MAP Lawyers as Your Conveyancing Firm?

Buying a home

Looking to buy? Buying a property is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll ever make, so it’s important to choose a conveyancer you can trust to make the process as smooth as possible. Given how complicated the legal process of buying a property can be, property solicitors can help guide you by reviewing the contract of sale and arranging the settlement on your behalf.

If you’d like a free quote, you can submit details on our property buying solicitor online form.

Selling a home

To help ensure everything is legal and above board, it’s recommended you enlist in the help of a conveyancing lawyer when selling your house. Though doing it yourself may seem like a preferable option given the costs, the complexities of Queensland real estate law can end up costing you more than property solicitors would. Given that there are a lot of documents and back and forth with representatives to consider, a conveyancing lawyer can save you the trouble by handling all communication and legal documents for you.

If you’d like a quote on your property, simply fill out our house sale conveyancing online form.


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Conveyancing Lawyer FAQs

What is a conveyancer?

A conveyancing lawyer is a professional who deals in property transfers. As an expert in real estate law, a conveyancing solicitor can offer you guidance and advice, help you with documentation, and step you through the settlement process. In Queensland, a conveyancing solicitor is needed when you accept an offer on a house.

Generally, a conveyancing lawyer will handle the following:

  • Calculate contract key term dates
  • Arrange title searches
  • Prepare and certify documents
  • Calculate rates, taxes and conduct land surveys
  • Advise you on your legal obligations
  • Liaise with the other side’s solicitor
  • Prepare settlement documents and attend settlement on your behalf

It’s advised you use a conveyancing lawyer if you plan on buying or selling a property or subdividing land.

Conveyancing may seem as simple as transferring a name on a title certificate but, the process is a little more complicated than that. Property solicitors act on your behalf to organise a deed title transfer and to check through the mortgage documents to ensure there’s no claim ‘encumbrance’ on the property. An encumbrance can restrict a person’s ability to transfer a deed or lessen a property’s value, so it’s important to find out before the sale goes through. A conveyancer will also prepare all legal documents, calculate taxes and conduct land surveys.

Conveyancer versus lawyer – what’s the difference?

Typically, a conveyancing solicitor is licenced to handle deed transfers but is not a lawyer. In Queensland and the ACT, deed transfers must be conducted by lawyers as conveyancers cannot operate on their own. At MAP lawyers, our team are qualified lawyers who specialise in property conveyancing.