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We service the whole of Queensland, however the calculator below is specific to our South East Queensland clients with a couple of exceptions. If the local government area of the property you are buying or selling is not coming up, please contact us for a quote.

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Pre-signing contract review for standard REIQ contracts FREE
Preparation of the contract for sale (If you do not have an agent we can prepare the contract of sale) 220.00
Additional fee for "Off the Plan contracts" (Our service includes a comprehensive review of the contract and letter to the client summarising the key terms and conditions of any amendments) 295.00
Additional fee for "House & Land" contracts (Our service includes a comprehensive review of the contract and letter to the client summarising the key terms and conditions of any amendments) 495.00

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If your contract does not go unconditional and is terminated early (eg. finance not approved or building and pest not satisfactory) no professional fees will be charged. You will however be liable for any search costs incurred.

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Selling? We make it as easy as 1,2 & 3


The settlement process of selling a home can be very time consuming and stressful and can even lead to a lot of costly mistakes if done incorrectly. Too often we see homeowners fall victim to legal pitfalls, from something as simple as not understanding special contract conditions from the buyer or surprise costs. With the help of a house sale conveyancing solicitor you’ll have the expertise of someone who has an in-depth knowledge of real estate transactions and experience negotiating legal issues between third parties, such as the buyer’s representative or solicitor. A house sale conveyancing solicitor can act on your behalf to arrange the terms of the agreement and to ensure you meet all contractual obligations.

If you require a solicitor for selling house in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, a house sale conveyancing solicitor can take the time and stress out of sifting through legal documents. If you’d like a free quote from a selling conveyancer, you can contact MAP Lawyers on 1300 680 584 or by filling out our online form.

What is house sale conveyancing?


Simply put, the act of property conveyancing is transferring a deed from one party to another. A conveyancing transaction will typically consist of the following steps:


Pre Contract – Reviewing your contract of sale

Conditional period of the Contract  – Often contracts will be entered into on a conditional basis to allow a purchaser to complete due diligence on a property before being unconditionally meet prior to a contract becoming unconditional. These conditions can vary, however, common conditions are finance, building and pest, a general due diligence period and so on.

Pre Settlement – Calculating final settlement figures and co-ordinating settlement to occur between or related parties, being the purchaser, financiers, agents.

Settlement – Completion of settlement either manually or online through PEXA.

A seller conveyancing solicitor can help you prepare a contract of sale particularly when a property is sold without a registered real estate agent. The seller conveyancer will liaise with the vendor to ensure that come settlement the property can be transferred to the purchaser free of any encumbrances.

Local solicitors for selling a house

Want to fast track your sale and need local solicitors for selling a house? With MAP Lawyers, all the hard work of understanding legal contracts and negotiating back and forth between parties will be done for you, removing any stress and anxiety allowing you to focus on your move.

Simply fill out our form and one of our for an instant fixed quote. Or if you have any questions about using a solicitor for selling house, you can call us on 1300 680 584 or email