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MAP Lawyers – Response to the Coronavirus

Returning to work this Monday (16 March 2020), most of our office is a little bit shellshocked from the weekend – and unlike previous weekends it is not from having a few too many watching the game, maybe an onslaught of parenting duties, or even keeping on top of all the chores at home. The wariness this Monday has come from the concern infiltrating every interaction over the weekend, whether it is flicking on the TV, listening to the radio, catching up with a friend, bumping into a neighbour – the first thing on everyone’s mind is Coronavirus.

MAP Lawyers, like many businesses, are concerned about what effect the Coronavirus will have on their employees and their clients, and accordingly we are taking the following precautions:

  1. Face to Face Meetings:

Unless absolutely necessary, all meetings will be over the phone or over video conferencing

  1. Remote working:

Staff will have remote working options available to them so that our clients can keep in contact

  1. Settlements

Settlements will continue as scheduled and if required, through the online platform PEXA

  1. Advice on client conditions

The next few months are sure to provide uncertainty in the housing market – MAP Lawyers will be there to support their clients by providing the best advice to alleviate any uncertainty.

Finally, we would like to ensure all of our clients and trusted colleagues, MAP Lawyers will be continuing to maintain the same high level of service throughout this period. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone we will be waiting for your call ?.

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