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Professional fees from $995

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Professional fees from $595

What We Do

One of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make in your life will be when you’re buying or selling your home or an investment property. If you have no experience in this at all, it can be extremely daunting and stressful. MAP Lawyers are dedicated Sunshine Coast Conveyancing Lawyers, who can hold your hand every step of the way to make sure it is a smooth and easy process. We act on your behalf and simplify the process from start to finish, taking care of third party correspondence, all legal processes in preparation for your settlement to occur.

If you are looking for a highly regarded Sunshine Coast conveyancer that is capable of streamlining this entire process, get in touch with the MAP Lawyers team at or call us on 1300 680 584 for a fixed price quote.


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Why Choose MAP Lawyers as your Sunshine Coast Conveyancing Lawyers?

Buying a Home

Choosing the right Sunshine Coast conveyancer is extremely important when it comes to buying a home. A good conveyancer should seek to act on your behalf from advising you before you sign a contract up until the property is settled.

It is important to select a Sunshine Coast conveyancer that is qualified and experienced to ensure the property transaction is as smooth as possible, and if needed the conveyancer has the skills to be capable of protecting your contractual rights. Prior to engaging a conveyancer, we recommend checking online reviews to ensure previous client experiences are inline with your expectations.

By engaging MAP Lawyers, you can relax knowing that you purchase will be managed by an experienced Sunshine Coast conveyancing lawyer who can act as the mediator between all parties, ensuring that your rights are protected. If you would like a free quote, let us know by submitting your details on our property buying solicitor form.

Selling a Home

Selling your home can be both an exciting and emotional process, which is why jumping in to make quick decisions and cutting costs can lead to bad outcomes. Our Sunshine Coast conveyancing lawyers have years of experience dealing with the Queensland property market and understand how to act on your behalf in discussions with the buyer’s representatives.

Typically, there are fewer risks involved with selling property, so the fees involved with hiring a Sunshine Coast conveyancer will be cheaper, however despite the cheaper fees you will still have a qualified solicitor by your side. If you’d like to learn more or receive a fixed quote for your property, please fill out our house sale conveyancing online form, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the MAP Lawyers team either via email or call us on 1300 680 584.


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Sunshine Coast Conveyancing Lawyers FAQs

What is a conveyancer?

A conveyancing lawyer is a professional who deals with property matters such as buying, selling, or transferring property interests from one party to another. They offer advice by reviewing property contracts, provide guidance on the legal processes leading to settlement, and act as their client’s agent throughout the conveyancing process.

When it comes to making major financial decisions such as buying or selling your home or an investment property, it is important not to cut corners. Would you hop into a plane with a pilot that does not have a pilots license? We believe the same should be considered when engaging a Sunshine Coast conveyancer, you need to ensure that they are capable and qualified. There are several conveyancers in Queensland that are offering fixed priced conveyancing, however their files are not managed by qualified staff and the so-called fixed fees end up being anything but fixed.

Do not go with a cheap conveyancer to only find out that they will cost you significantly more in the long run both in terms of fees and legal risk. At MAP Lawyers we pride ourselves in offering a true all-inclusive fixed fee and our files are managed by qualified staff.

A professional Sunshine Coast conveyancing lawyer acts on your behalf and will help:

  • Reviewing the contract
  • Advising you on all relevant government and contractual obligations
  • Monitoring all contracts and ensure obligations are met from all parties
  • Preparing all legal documents with required certifications
  • Calculating your rates and taxes
  • Preparing you for settlement
  • Attending settlements

Sunshine Coast Conveyancer vs lawyer – what’s the difference?

In a lot of Australian States, a conveyancer does not need to be a lawyer, however in Queensland, a deed transfer must be performed by a qualified lawyer or overseen by one. At MAP lawyers, our team of conveyancers are experts and are all qualified and specialise in property law.

Why should I hire a conveyancer?

When it comes to buying or selling your home, conveyancing may seem as straight forward as signing a contract and transferring a deed. However, aside from managing the transfer process between solicitors, a Sunshine Coast conveyancing lawyer can take a comprehensive look through a contract to make sure everything is correct and your interests are protected.

This includes making sure there is no claim or ‘encumbrance’ on the property that may impact its value. A conveyancer can then handle and prepare all legal documents on your behalf, calculate rates and taxes, and make adjustments to the final calculation if needed to ensure that the settlement of your property goes ahead smoothly without any potential costly mistake.