Selling A House, Land, Unit Or Townhouse

We offer fixed price professional fees for your sale of a house, land, unit or townhouse. All of our conveyancing files are managed by qualified solicitors and we will work with you to take care of the process.

What we will do:

A summary of what we do on a standard sale is set out below:

  • Once the contract of sale is received, we will review the contract and advise you of your rights and obligations including calculating due dates
  • We will conduct a title search
  • We will advise you of any conditions that you or the buyer
    need to meet, and ensure all contract conditions are satisfied before proceeding
  • Once the offer is unconditional, we will prepare for settlement –
    we will verify the settlement figures, approve the Transfer documents and arrange for you to sign them, obtain the payout figure (being the balance of the mortgage on the property) from the mortgagee, provide settlement figures and directions to the purchaser’s solicitor
  • We will attend to settlement including delivering the signed
    transfer documents to the buyer’s solicitor, pay out the mortgagee, hand over the release of mortgage and certificate of title (if any) and receive the balance of purchase price from buyer’s solicitors and advise you once settlement has been completed; and
  • Where necessary, we will attend to any post settlement requirements.

What you need to do:

In order to ensure the sale goes through as smoothly as possible, we ask that you:

  • If you have a mortgage, inform your Mortgagee about the contract for sale and anticipated settlement date as soon as possible
  • Respond to our initial letter and request for information as soon as possible
  • Sign the transfer documents and return them within 48 hours
  • Provide us with a current rates notice/body corporate levies notice
  • If the property is being sold with vacant possession, move all belongings from house before settlement; and
  • Collect balance deposit from agent.

Foreign resident capital gains withholding payments

The Federal Parliament has recently passed changes to the existing foreign resident capital gains tax withholding scheme. The scheme requires buyers of property worth more than $750,000 or more to withhold 12.5% of the purchase price and pay those funds to the ATO following settlement, unless the seller provides the buyer with a clearance certificate.

If you are selling a property which is likely to sell around $750,000 or more, where possible, you should make an application to the ATO for a clearance certificate before the property is sold to ensure that there is no delay in the conveyancing process. We can also assist sellers with this process.